Why Pawn With Us

It's simple!  We believe we are the best!  We are fair, friendly, honest, flexible, and competitive!  Look at it this way:  "They" have money to loan you...we have money to loan you.  "They" have items to sell you...we have items to sell you.  So then what is it that sets us apart?  Great Service!    Oh, and not to mention our payback rate is better than any of the large chain, corporate owned pawn shops!  Our pawn loans are simple with just enough structure for you to easily understand them so your experience with us is always positive!  Remember, when you're happy...we're happy!

Our Services Include:

  • Loaning
  • Buying
  • Trading
  • Selling
  • New and Used Firearms Sales
  • FFL Transfers
  • Layaway

What You Need:

  • A valid state issued I.D. or passport
  • Any item(s) of value to be used as collateral
What do we accept?

    We loan on and purchase items of "value"  Value is defined as "relative worth" or "importance".  There are items that are expensive but have little value to most people because they don't need or use them.  Our best loans and purchases include items that are currently desirable or used by a large majority of people.  Common items include:

    • Jewelry / Diamonds / Coins / Gold (damaged or not)
    • New and Used Guns / Ammunition / Firearm Accessories
    • Electronics / TV's / Tablets / Computers / Game Systems / Games / Cameras
    • Power Tools / Hand Tools / Tool Boxes / Generators / Lawn Equipment
    • Sporting Equipment / Bikes / Golf Clubs / Outdoor Equipment
    • Musical Instruments / Car Audio / Pro Audio /
    • ATV's / Motorcycles / Trailers / Vehicles

    We are happy to consider most things so don't hesitate to call or come in and ask us about your items!