Gun Information

 We are one of the few Pawn shops in the immediate area that buys and sells both new and used firearms. Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used firearm, or sell one you currently own, we pride ourselves on being the fairest of anyone around. We shop around diligently to ensure you are getting a fair price whether buying or selling. We also sell ammunition, cleaning supplies, knives, and hunting gear – both new and used!

Selling Your Used Firearms

When you bring your used firearm in to us, we are willing to do much more than just offer you a price. We are happy to discuss with you how and why we come to the price that we offer. Some shops just offer you a price and that’s it. We will discuss things like overall condition of the firearm, as well as current market conditions and desirability. These are all very important factors in the selling price of your firearm.

Why Sell Your Firearms to a Pawnshop

Obviously the number one reason most people sell their items to a Pawn shop is so they can get cash quickly to fill their needs. There are other advantages especially when dealing with firearms. The most important advantage is safety and security. When you sell a firearm to an individual that you do not know personally, you cannot be sure what that firearm will be used for or where it will go after you complete your sale. That means you could be held liable for unlawful actions if the firearm is traced back to you. When you sell your firearm at Hy & Mike’s, we log the gun into our ATF book, and when the firearm is sold, it is logged out to the purchasing individual. That means the paper trail ends legally with you and you are free and clear from the firearm. Another advantage to you as the seller is you are not inviting strangers and potentially harmful individuals in to your home. You can feel safe and secure by not exposing yourself to potential dangers that may exist by listing items for sale through local classifieds.

Buying New and Used Firearms

Looking for a good quality used firearm? Look no further! We do our best to keep our gun wall filled with good quality used firearms including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and black powder rifles. We guarantee every used firearm we sell! Want something brand new? We try to stock a wide variety of rifles, shotguns, and pistols including the latest and greatest!

Don’t see what you are looking for in stock? No problem! We can order it for you and have it here as early as the next day! We shop our local firearm retailers often as well as the online firearm retailers to make sure we are offering competitive pricing.  If we cannot match or beat their pricing we will simply tell you where the best price is.  Should we find a better price from an online retailer we will gladly do an FFL transfer for you on the gun. 

FFL Transfers

If we can't provide you with the gun or the price you are after, we can be your transfer dealer for your online purchase.  However, I encourage everyone to price our guns first.  Often times we can be competitive on pricing.  Transfer fees are as follows:

  • New Guns - $25
  • Used Guns - $15
  • Multiple Guns/Receivers - $25 for first, $5 each additional.  This pricing good for multiple units transferred at the same time.

Firearms Questions

If you have any questions regarding buying or selling a gun, would like an estimate on a gun you are selling, or would like an estimate on purchasing a new gun, please call during our regular business hours, or shoot us an email (pun intended) to: